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  1. Go through the website and its content thoroughly. Explore all the links in the header and footer. Also, glance through the websites of top competitors such as Matrix, Uniconnect, TSIM etc.
  2. Practice calling using the script provided by your supervisor. You can also access it here. Go over the mock calling sessions with your supervisor and practice thoroughly.
  3. Always keep the site open during the call. In case a customer asks you a question that you do not have an immediate answer to, politely let the customer know that you'll get back to him and consult with your supervisor.
  4. If a customer wants details about the product before making a decision to buy, there are sharing buttons below the image on each product page. To share via e-mail, create a gmail ID for yourself - You can keep this email open so as to send info to the customer via e-mail. Do note, however, that most mails go into spam
  5. Another good way to share info with the customer is via the whatsapp link. You can download whatsapp for web on your computer using the QR Code. Once done, clicking on the sharing button will open the whatsapp window and you'll be able to send the URL of the relevant product page to the prospective customer. You can also share via whatsapp by opening the site on your cellphone.
  6. Twitter is also a powerful sharing option. If the customer is active on twitter, ask him for his handle name. Then, use the twitter icon below the image to tweet the details to him. This way, there is also a good chance of the link going viral. Our suggestion is - Share details with every prospect, whether he is interested or not. This way, you can make the product viral and generate inquiries in future.
  7. Be super confident about your product offering and the prices. We are working for top notch names in the telecommunications industry in the world. Our products are superb and competitively priced. What we are offering adds incredible value to any international traveler; keeping him connected and online throughout his journey in a foreign land.
  8. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. This is the secret sauce of this business. The person who follows up thoroughly gets to eat the cake in terms of high conversions, more sales and hefty payouts. Follow up at a time and on the day your prospect wants you to follow up. Remind him of your earlier conversation with him and push him to take a fast decision.
  9. We expect a conversion rate between 10% to 20% on the leads provided by us. This means, 80% to 90% of these leads will not result into any sale. Do not get disheartened. This is the way this business works for everyone. Even with a conversion rate between 10% & 20%, you can earn a really hefty payout every month - sitting in the comfort of your home and without spending a dime.
  10. You can also generate your own inquiries by posting content on your social media pages as well as letting people in your social circle know about your new freelance business. The company will also provide you with visiting cards to physically market your business among friends, family, neighbors and contacts. Once you have a self generated inquiry, simply enter it in the LMS and follow the same process as you would do on a company provided lead. As the word gets around, this can be a huge sales channel for you and help you generate a lot of referral business over time.
  11. Stay excited. Be confident. SMILE on the call. Be assertive but don't be pushy. You are selling a world class product to high profile international customers. This is not a run-of-the-mill tele-calling job. We are very selective about people who we choose to become a 'TelecomPreneur' with us and you are one of them. As long as you work hard & smart, stay closely connected with your supervisor at all times and follow her advice, there is no reason why you cannot earn the kind of money that you wish to earn as a freelancer with

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