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SIM Cards for Qatar

Stay Connected & Online During Your Trip to Qatar

Qatar has arid desert and a long Persian (Arab) Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes.  The country is popular for its Islamic architecture, beaches, skyscrapers and Nature reserves.  Keep yourself mobile in Qatar with this unique Data only Qatar SIM Card Plan from AIS,  providing you access to high speed data across this Arab country.  Stay online and use VoIP Apps such as Whatsapp or Skype to make or recieve calls.  This product is an absolute value for your money. Enjoy high savings with this SIM Card for Qatar as  compared to an International Roaming Plan for Qatar

  • Pre-Paid SIM card
  • Works in all unlocked phones
  • Premium quality voice calls
  • High Speed 4G Data
  • Hotspot & WiFi Friendly

SIM Card Plans for Qatar

  • Validity : 7 Days
  • Incoming : VoIP Calls Only
  • Local / India Calls : VoIP Calls Mins
  • Data : 4 GB High Speed
  • Brand : AIS
  • Powered By : Local
  • Coverage : Multi Country
  • Hotspot Friendly : Yes
  • Plan Type : Data only SIM
  • Price : ₹ 2199 ₹ 1999 + GST @ 18%
  • Price after GST: ₹ 2359
  • Guaranteed Delivery by: 10 Jul
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Typical roaming plans from your mobile company for West Asia will cost about 3999 + GST . So this SIM Card will be cheaper by ~ 40% vis-a-vis an international roaming plan from your mobile company
This is a Data only SIM Card. It will keep you online across 12 Asian countries. You can make or receive calls using VoIP applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, Messenger or similar
Yes, it is a plug and play card. It does not require any registration or configuration except in Thailand, where you'll have to visit an AIS shop at the airport and submit a copy of your passport
You may be able to top up this SIM Card for additional data by visiting any of the AIS shops or counters across many airports in Asia.

This Card works in Qatar, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore,  Malaysia, HongKong, Laos, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,  Thailand and Australia

Since this is a Data only SIM Card,  you will need to make or receive calls using a VoIP App such as Whatsapp,  Skype,  Facetime, Viber, Wetalk,  iCall, Facebook Messenger,  Google Hangouts or similar



  1. We will dispatch the SIM Card on the same day as you make the online purchase
  2. We use the courier services of BlueDart,  which is extremely reliable. 
  3. The SIM Card will reach you within 2 to 3 Working Days. 
  4. There are no additional charges for the same.  


  1. Insert the SIM card into your phone once you land in Qatar
  2. If using a dual SIM phone, make sure SIM card is inserted inside Slot 1. 
  3. Make sure that Mobile Data & Data Roaming on your phone is enabled
  4. Turn on Data Saver on Android devices to restrict the background use of Cellular data 
  5. In Settings,  change status to - Update Apps on Wifi only - instead of 'Update Apps automatically'
  6. Cache Google Maps for offline use. Once downloaded, you can navigate offline just by using GPS
  7. Make use of WiFi Zones for data heavy activities to optimize the use of data available  
  8. Keep auto-sync disabled for data-hungry apps like Facebook which sync photos & videos 

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Product Testimonial Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

Sonali Ajmera, Mumbai

I was in Qatar to visit my cousins. I found this SIM Card online and just grabbed it.  Simply cannot digest the idea of staying offline in a foreign country.  Turns out to be a good decision,  it worked effortlessly in Qatar

Sonali Ajmera, Mumbai

Shruti Saran, Bangalore

We were in Qatar for business.  I picked up this SIM Card just in case there is a connectivity issue.  Turns out,  this was the only way to stay online all the time without spending a bomb.  I'd highly recommend it

Shruti Saran, Bangalore

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