SIM Cards For Australia

So you're all set for your dream trip to Australia.  With its glorious beaches,  coral reefs and amusement parks,  a trip down under is an absolute treat and an experience of a lifetime.  You can enhance this experience by ensuring that you enjoy access to high quality data and calls during your stay in Australia.  Vodafone offers the most competitive SIM Cards for Australia. Their service quality and reliability is amongst the best in the industry.  While International Roaming Plans for Australia from your mobile operator is an option,  these Australian SIM Cards are more cost effective & reliable

If you are looking to buy a SIM Card for Australia, you have come to the right place. We offer top quality Data SIM Cards for Australia with free incoming calls and outgoing minutes. Australia SIM Cards from Rocket Telekom offer incredible value in terms of seamless mobile connectivity in Australia, free incoming calls in Australia and access to wifi in Australia Your search for a International Roaming Plan for Australia ends here. We offer you a choice of Australia roaming plans via our Global SIM Cards like no one else does. Whether you are a leisure traveler looking to buy a SIM Card for Australia to stay connected with your loved ones or a business traveler looking to buy a [destination] SIM Card to maintain connectivity in Australia, our Mobile Data SIM Cards will fulfill your needs for global roaming and mobile data at highly competitive rates. While you shop for a SIM Card for Australia, also explore our offers on foreign exchange for Australia and reduce your travel expenses.

  • How does this SIM Card compare with International Roaming Plans from Mobile Operators ?

    Rocket SIM Cards will be cheaper by 30% to 60% as compared to Roaming Plans for Australia from your Mobile Company.

  • Does this SIM Card work with any type of Android of Apple Mobile Device ?

    Yes, this SIM Card is compatible with all Mobile devices as well as your iPad. You will be connected & online in Australia without any hassles.

  • Is it a Plug & Play Card ? Will it automatically connect to the local network ?

    Yes, this is a Plug & Play Card that requires no special configuration. It works seamlessly by connecting you with the local mobile network in Australia

  • Price : 2999 2499
  • You Save : 500 (17%)
  • Validity : 28 Days
  • Incoming : Free
  • Local / India Calls : Unlimited / 300 Mins
  • Data : Unlimited (25 GB High Speed)
  • Powered By : Telstra
  • Coverage : Single Country
  • Plan Type : Direct Dial
  • Guaranteed Delivery by: 24 May, Tue
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  • Price : 3499 2999
  • You Save : 500 (14%)
  • Validity : 30 Days
  • Incoming : VoIP Calls Only
  • Local / India Calls : VoIP Calls Only Mins
  • Data : 12 GB High Speed
  • Powered By : 3UK
  • Coverage : Multi Country
  • Plan Type : Data only SIM
  • Guaranteed Delivery by: 24 May, Tue
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Pre-Paid Local SIM card
Works in all unlocked phones
Premium quality voice calls
High Speed 4G Data

Pay Securely using your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Wallet. Free Delivery across India within 2 Working Days

Vodafone provides fantastic connectivity solution for the land down under. High quality data and crystal clear voice at an affordable cost. We were online 24X7 on our trip to Australia.  That's such a relief when you travel with kids :-)

Smita Joseph, Pune

With Vodafone, it is peace of mind guaranteed when you are travelling to Australia. It is amongst the best options for connectivity down under. No brainer. Simply go for it.

Ankit Agarwal, Mumbai

I picked up the WorldSIM SIM Card since it works in both Australia and New Zealand.  It was really convenient and my overall experience was superb

Jackie Thomas, Bangalore