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Why buy an international SIM Card from India?

Buying a SIM Card from India saves you from the time and money of searching for a SIM Card vendor and completing the documentation for a mobile connection on arrival in a foreign country. While the cost in both the cases is more or less the same, in terms of convenience, it is a lot better to buy a SIM Card before you leave India. Also, you can provide your international cell number to your family even before you leave home.

How can I get more details about the product you are offering ?

Please refer to our website - we can also send you an e-mail & a whatsapp with details about the product. If you can provide us with your twitter handle, we can also share the details via twitter

What payment options are available with you for buying the SIM Cards ?

You can make the payment online using credit card, debit card, Net banking OR wallets. We will dispatch the Card immediately upon your telephonic confirmation and the payment link will also be sent to you simultaneously. You can choose to pay via this link immediately or post delivery of your SIM card. The SIM card will be activated within 24 hours of payment confirmation and receipt of passport copy from your end.

Why not buy a data plan from my mobile service provider ie Airtel / Vodafone?

While buying an international data plan from your mobile service provider allows you the flexibility of keeping your existing cell number, it comes at a price. Their plans will be costlier by almost 20% - 50% vis-a-vis an international SIM Card. Unless its your company who is footing the bill, it is advisable to go for an international SIM Card. It is more value for money and there is no difference in the quality of data or voice calls.

What is the difference between Post-paid & Pre-paid SIM Cards?

In case of Prepaid SIMs, you make the payment beforehand for the specific features offered. Hence, there are no surprise bills and you know exactly how much you are going to spend on your trip. So, you set your own credit limit and there is no scope of over-spending.

In case of Postpaid SIM Cards, a credit card is usually taken as a guarantee for payment and you receive your bill after you use the services, so you will have no idea what you may have spent till the end of the month. This can lead to unpleasant surprises and exorbitant phone bills.

How much is 1 GB of data worth in terms of online activity?

1 GB high speed data can provide you with almost 1000 minutes of whatsapp calling OR 700 minutes of surfing the web.

What is the size of the SIM Card provided by you - Micro / Nano / Regular?

SIM Cards come in 3 sizes:

Depending on what kind of phone, or another type of device, you’re plugging your card into, there are different sizes to take into consideration. Most phones use mini SIM or micro SIM. In order to make it simple for our customers to switch between different devices, we’ve already cut your SIM card into three potential sizes. We call it triple-cut, but it’s also known as a "Universal SIM card".

Are all these SIM Cards 'plug & play' cards?

Except the SIM Cards for Europe, all our SIMs are 'plug and play' cards. All you have to do is to insert the SIM into your device and it will start working as soon as you land at the destination. In case of European SIM Cards, there is a simple process of setting up the APN (Access Point Network) for the SIM to start working. Instruction booklet on setting up the APN will be enclosed with the European SIM Card.

What are the documents required for buying the SIM?

Copy of Passport (front & back) & Copy of Air ticket

When will I receive the SIM Cards? Will they be active ie ready to use?

You will receive your SIM Cards within 48-72 hours of placing your order. Your SIM Cards will be activated within 24 hours of payment. These SIM Cards do not work from within India, they will work only after landing at the destination airport of the country for which the SIM Card is valid for.

How can I ensure that this is the most reliable SIM Card offering the best value for money?

WorldSIM is the original supplier of SIM Cards to almost all the SIM Card providers in India, with mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement with Europe’s top telecom companies. They offer their products to customers in UK, USA, South Africa and India and the quality is absolutely world class. Since it is a product directly created by them, their pricing is highly competitive and offers incredible value for money.

Can these SIMs be recharged? Do we have to return these SIMs?

The SIMs can be recharged online. You’ll get a message once you reach 80% of your data usage. In case of SIMs not issued directly by WorldSIM, the recharge can be done through the website of the respective SIM card company. You do not have to return these SIM Cards.

What is meant by 'free incoming' on these SIM Cards?

Incoming free means that the user is not charged anything but the person who calls the user from India will pay ISD tariffs - from India to the destination where the user is travelling.

Do I need a separate handset for these cards?

No, you can use these SIM Cards with your existing handsets. Most handsets today come with dual SIM functionality, so you can insert the SIM Card into your phone even before leaving India and simply switch the phone to the international SIM once you have landed at the destination airport.

Can I cancel a SIM Card post purchase?

The SIM Card, once activated, cannot be de-activated. Hence, there is no return or refund possible once you have made the payment and taken the delivery of your SIM Cards.

What happens if there is a service issue with the SIM Card during travel which you OR the service provider is not able to resolve?

Such issues are extremely rare. Having said that, if there is a genuine issue from our side and the same is validated by our data logs, we are happy to refund the amount paid by the customer. Decisions such as these are made on a case on case basis depending on the circumstances of the case.