What if, you lose your Passport in a foreign country?

When travelling abroad for a vacation or business you need to be extra careful about your belongings and more so for your travel documents like your tickets and Passport. If you lose your passport in a foreign land then you have to face a lot of trouble but the best approach is to stay calm and take the right steps. And If you have a plan in place, just in case of an emergency situation like losing your passport in a foreign country, you can quickly resolve the issue and continue your travels.

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Firstly, contact the Consulate and inform them about your lost passport. Staying in a foreign country without a passport is a Crime.

Secondly, Its compulsory to file a police complaint especially if its been stolen. This will also be helpful to get a duplicate Passport.

Next, get yourself clicked for Passport sized photographs which may be required for a new copy of Passport.

Now you can apply for a New Passport at the consulate with the filled form for lost or stolen passport, 2 Passport sized photographs, a Photo ID card, your travel details such as your tickets and boarding card, a photocopy of your lost Passport and the copy of your police Complaint.

You may have to pay a reissuing Fee and wait for a temporary passport to be issued which can be done within 24 hours in case of emergency.

To avoid such stressful situation, its advised that you leave your original copy of Passport locked at the hotel room and carry a Photocopy with you or another photo identity when exploring a foreign land. Then you can enjoy your holidays without any hassle.

Its better to be safe than sorry!


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