Kenya SIM Card

Buying a SIM Card for Kenya

Kenya is an east African nation located on the coast of Indian Ocean. The country is popular for its wildlife reserves, in particular the Masai Mara National Park, amongst the most popular wildlife parks in the world. Its tourism sector is focused on its wildlife reserves and attracts millions of travellers to Kenya every year

Indonesia SIM Card

Buying a SIM Card for Indonesia

The Indonesian Archipelago spreads between the Asian Mainland and Australia. It comprises of 17,000 islands with an incredible diversity of flora, fauna, topography, cultures and lifestyles. This exotic collection of islands contains the region’s largest wildlife sanctuaries and wilderness reserves. Home to innumerable beaches, exotic wildlife and an array of resorts, Indonesia has become of

Japan SIM Cards

Tips to Buy the best SIM Card for Japan

Japan is one of the most incredible countries in the world, where modern lifestyle intermingles with ancient traditions and beliefs in an almost seamless manner. The country has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few decades, turning itself into an economic superpower and a world leader in auto mobile and high tech industries. At the

Kazakhstan SIM Card

Buying a SIM Card for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world. Part of the erstwhile USSR, it is the largest country in the CIS group of countries. The oil and mineral rich country has a well developed economy. Kazakhstan is popular for its ancient monuments, pine forests, incredible countryside, mountain ranges and well developed ski resorts. The